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Meredith Vieira Says Love — and Humor — Help in Coping With Husband’s MS and Cancer Battles

For 30 years her husband, Richard Cohen, a respected news producer and writer, has lived with multiple sclerosis. Now he has written an inspiring account of that battle in his new book, Blindsided.

"I've pretty much made fun of him all the time," Vieira says. "Because that's the kind of relationship we have. We poke fun at each other."

The book is a brutally honest and raw portrait of their family's refusal to give into the ravages of chronic illness. Above all, it is a love story about surviving, and rising above fear and anger.

MS has taken its toll on Cohen. He is legally blind and the disease has also attacked his vocal cords, arms and legs.

Vieira speaks openly and honestly both on the "View" and on "millionaire" about her husbands battle and her family.  She is an inspiration and a guiding light to those who suffer from this illness as well as their families. 



David L. Lander, actor and now author of the book "Fall down Laughing"

His book talks about his life growing up, show business and now dealing with his struggle with Multiple Sclerosis.

Mr. Lander started as Relapsing Remitting MS and his first choice of the Injectables was Beta.  He then progressed to Secondary Progressive MS and is now using Avonex.  He struggles, as many with MS do, to get through the ordinary tasks that the healthy take for granted such as stepping up a curb, walking across a cobble stone street, making it to the bathroom in time.  He has been on and off IV steroids many times, tried alternative treatments which didn't work at all for him, has had a heart attack, and now dealing with secondary progressive MS he speaks out about the devastating effects of this disease and lets us know that we can take charge and get a treatment.  Working as an MS Ambassador for the National MS Society he speaks to anyone who will listen.  Check out his web site and see where he will be speaking next.  I highly recommend either reading his book or getting his book on tape. Its both enlightening and humorous.



This interview with Teri Garr on Larry King live show sparked off allot of controversy on our email newsgroup.  Most were frustrated at her ignorance to the disease and how she made light of the disease.  Ms Garr didn't even know what a relapse was or lyme disease.  When asked by callers when she had her first relapse she made these odd faces and said she didn't know what that was, she had never had one.  Then when asked by a caller if she had been tested for Lyme Disease she didn't know what it was and said... isn't that what you get from a deer bite? umm I don't even have deer near where I live. Ms. Garr if your going to be paid by Serono to be a spokes person for them and represent people with MS we suggest you at least know what this disease is and how it affects the over 350,000 Americans.  Your one of the few who have very few symptoms and no relapses.   We are happy for Ms. Garr that she doesn't have many symptoms or problems with her MS but we don't want an ill informed person speaking on out behalf.  Serono.. send Ms Garr to MS 101 please before you issue her another pay check!  Maybe Serono should be paying Larry King instead.  He knew more about MS than Ms. Garr did.

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