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" With Friends with MS online you're never alone!"
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Friends with MS is an online interactive support group for people with MS, those not yet diagnosed and those who love them. Our mission is to end the loneliness associated with a chronic illness by supplying live chats, interactive message boards, live video and newsgroups. As our motto says, "with Friends with MS online, you're never alone."

We offer sereral online member areas including:

  • A private social networking group with live chat rooms, blogs and forums where you can upload and share your own pictures and experiences and be a part of our online community.

  • An email newsgroup

  • A Facebook Group

We also offer many links to up to date information, and a *Reading Library*, where you can download and read chapters from a list of books on MS.

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Are you are being treated for Multiple Sclerosis?

If so, the dreaMS study needs your help!

  • Researchers at University at Albany, SUNY are carrying out a study to learn more about doctor-patient relationships and experiences adjusting to Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Please help us by completing our anonymous and confidential questionnaire, entirely from home. Participation should only take about 45 minutes. Participants can enter to win a $50 Visa Gift card.
  • Your help matters! Your answers on our questionnaire may ultimately help us improve the quality of the medical care that patients with Multiple Sclerosis receive.
  • For more information or to complete the questionnaire over the phone, please call us at: (518) 442-4903 or e-mailepersons@albany.edu
  • To fill out the questionnaire online, please visit our secure study website at: www.surveymonkey.com/dreaMSstudy

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