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" With Friends with MS online you're never alone!"  
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Friends with MS is an online interactive support group for people with MS, those not yet diagnosed and those who love them.  Our mission is to end the loneliness associated with a chronic illness by supplying live chats, interactive message boards, live video and newsgroups.  As our motto says, "with Friends with MS online, you're never alone."

Friends With MS was founded by Veronica Davison in October of 1998 as just an online photo album of friends with MS.  Her group of friends were chatting and exchanging photos via email.  Someone suggested that instead of resending photos over and over to everyone they needed to be posted online.  So Veronica created a site with about six web pages of everyones photos.

From there she added an online chat and message boards and Friends With MS grew into the online community that we have today.


I became a part of Friends With MS in August of 2009.  I was an unemployed IT worker trying to get into web design so I could work from home.  I noticed that the main Friends With MS site was down and contacted Veronic through the Yahoo email group about getting it back up.  It was at that time that I created the online chat member area. 

In August 2010 I took over web master duties for this site as well as the online chat area. 

I do not have MS myself.  The reason I have become involved with any MS support group is because my wife has MS.  I am not only involved with the Friends With MS online community but I am also a co-leader of a local Indepencence Missouri MS support group.

Better Times

The reason I need a work at home job is because as I mentioned above my wife has MS.  Unfortunately she has gone worse case.  She has been at a 9.5 on the EDSS disability scale since December of 2002.  She has been in Hospice care since September of 2008.  

This picture of us is from better times.  It is from our 25th Anniversary in 1998. At that time she was pretty much in a wheel chair full time and severe trimmers had started to affect her ability to use her hands.


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