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Insurance Reimbursement

Insurance Reimbursement

With all the different insurance programs, purchasing medical equipment can be very confusing. Let us help you with these few basic facts and suggestions.

Many times the person who decides that a cane or walker is needed is the patient or a family member

Contact your caregiver and let him/her know you need more security

Choose the product that gives you the comfort and security that you need; Don't worry about the cost ( sometimes a less expensive product will cost you more, out of pocket, than the deluxe product - due to differences in reimbursement)

Call Medicare 1-800-270-2313 or your insurance company and ask what conditions must be met to purchase a cane, walker, rollator, or other products

Ask what amount is reimbursed on the product

Then ask your doctor to write a prescription for the product, clearly stating the reason it is needed

Example: Medicare reimburses 80% of $300 for a rollator (rolling walker with seat) if you have one of the following conditions, Obesity. If your prescription states " Rollator for ambulation due to Obesity " it will save a great deal of time getting through the reimbursement process.

For reimbursement, you will need your prescription; an insurance form and your paid receipt.

Make copies of all these documents before you send them to the insurance company. Never send your only copy of a document to the insurance company - it may get lost!

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